Office Renovation Secrets

How to ensure your corporate office makeover is a sweet dream and not a nightmare (plus some useful ‘Office Interior Design Briefingdownloads for corporate clients and design agencies).

Renovating a commercial office may seem like a complicated task and it’s certainly true that there will always be complexities, especially when business disruption has to be minimized.

But an appreciation of the planning regime followed by experienced refurbishment experts can smooth the path of your project and might even win you ‘go-to’ status ­– although that’s a title you may wish to avoid!

Here are the key processes the professionals apply when embarking on an office renovation…    

Research and more research

Whether you are a commissioning client or a design agency, thorough research gives your project firm foundations. It also helps decision-making at every stage. Typical areas to investigate will include:

Design planning

Here’s where professionals start drilling down into the details. There’s a long list but below you will find most of the basics:

Other needs may include:

Health and safety considerations will always be paramount. For example:

You may also wish to explore how building systems technology could enhance safety, operational efficiency and environmental quality. This can include innovations such as movement sensors to track occupancy level and control lighting and ventilation economically. Smart glass for automated sun shading, facial recognition for swift office access, and touchless door controls for added hygiene.

And, naturally, all proposals must comply with building codes and the lease agreement conditions. The latter to be shared with the design consultant / project management team from the outset. Don’t forget, our Office Interior Design Briefing download will help you tackle this.

Budget Planning

Thorough budget planning is fundamental to successful office renovation. Preparing for the unexpected being an absolute necessity. Here we list the main cost elements:

Project planning

One of the client’s early moves should be to appoint a staff team to be responsible for internal communication and external liaising with consultants. For companies ‘going it alone’ without the assistance of a design consultant or external project manager, it can be overwhelming to coordinate the many different groups of trades involved in a renovation. Typically, these are the main activities to manage:

Logistics and phasing

Many businesses do not have the luxury of being able to move into temporary accommodation while a major renovation is being carried out. It’s therefore essential to plan the project so that business disruption is minimized. For example:

Furniture that fits

Office furniture plays an important role in any renovation scheme. It not only has to support the design aesthetic but has to be practical, comfortable (if it’s seating) and appreciated by staff. Your furniture plan should include the following:  

There are a great many plates to spin when taking on a renovation. Thankfully, there are specialists who can ease the process and ensure a satisfying result. At CDI World our design and project management teams have the experience and capability to help you achieve a solution that meets your needs. Contact us for an initial discussion and we’ll be delighted to show you some projects from our portfolio.


In the meantime, we’ve assembled two downloads that may be useful. For corporate clients or brand owners about to hire a design consultant, we have prepared an Office Interior Design Briefing form that can be used to inform the consultant of their key design requirements.


For design consultants about to embark on a renovation project, we have produced an Interior Design Site Survey form that details the key measurements that will be needed to develop accurate design drawings and to brief other specialists.