Design Trends 2022

Faced with immense challenges, the Hospitality and Food & Beverage sectors are employing design ingenuity to increase customer appeal and claw back business. 

The hospitality and food & beverage industries have been among the hardest hit by the trauma of 2021, and as the end of this notorious year approaches, they have learned more than many about the essentials of commercial survival. With so much of their business depending on face-to-face contact, one of their strategies has been to use the practical and aesthetic power of design to re-engage customers in a changed world.   

Here are some of the main themes these industries will be pursuing in 2022…

  1. A sense of belonging. Interior design that is influenced by local culture can give restaurant diners a familiar and comforting sense of place and belonging. This is especially appreciated when socialisation has been so restricted. Simply using materials that are native to the local area can help.

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