Tips for a More Sustainable Trade Show Stand

Sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint are topics that have been in the spotlight for well over two decades yet are relatively new terms in the trade show and event sector. A so-called “Green Revolution” has more recently swept through the industry and continues to gain traction.

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Bringing Paris to Singapore

We love working with organizations that are passionate about their products. We were therefore excited to work with GREYYS to showcase Cafés Richard, a leading French coffee roaster, at the Food and Hotel Asia Show in Singapore.

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What can we say about Dennis…

Having devoted 36 years of his life to the trade show industry, it is fair to say that Dennis is a go-to source of information, and his wealth of industry anecdotes keeps the team constantly entertained.

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CDI World UK Confirms Senior Management Succession

As part of the CDI World succession plan, we are delighted to confirm Ian Chapman as the UK team’s new Managing Director.

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Sustainability in the Trade show Market

beMatrix’s Director of Marketing, Kent Agramonte and CDI World USA’s president, Durl Jensen, to talk about sustainability, the beauty of modular design, and what the future holds for booth design.

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Stepping Up Sustainability

Our commitment to operating sustainably has achieved real change but the drive to reduce environmental impact continues apace – as CDI World’s new role of Global Sustainability Ambassador shows.

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People With A Passion – Chad Bozarth

Sports enthusiast, classic rock fan, family man, former president of an Alumni Chapter, and genuinely great guy, Chad Bozarth has recently joined CDI World USA as Account Exec. We caught up with him to talk about what makes him tick, and his plans for the future.

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Staging The World’s Ultimate Private Event

When it comes to events, there is one that leaves the others marvelling in its jingly wake and brings joy to millions every year. But how's it done?

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Bringing Army of the Dead to Life

We are proud of our team members who are truly passionate about their jobs and getting it just right, every time. Self-confessed perfectionist, Jodie, talks about how she loves the artistry and variety of her job, and tells us about her personal favourite: Army of the Dead.

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Championing Net Zero

John Robinson, Managing Director of CDI World UK, makes a no-nonsense case for incorporating Net Zero into the global events business.

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