People With A Passion: Peter Blakey – Senior Contracts Executive.

With forty years in carpentry and prestigious exhibition projects, Peter’s seen it all, built it all and has definitely earned the tee-shirt. He also races sailboats, windsurfs and rides a Harley.

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Project Zen – The Lighting Design

In this final entry on our Zen garden inspired booth design, we describe how its digitally simulated photorealistic lighting can be translated into real life.

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In this Q&A, Durl Jensen, President of CDI World-USA, explains how the companies that form the global CDI World events business are providing brands with fresh ways to engage customers in a changed landscape.

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Staging The World’s Ultimate Private Event

When it comes to events, there is one that leaves the others marvelling in its jingly wake and brings joy to millions every year. But how's it done?

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Project Zen: The Animals & The Sittables

In our corrugated cardboard Zen garden, nothing conjures tranquility quite like a family of gently-browsing quadrupeds – plus some well-placed sittables from which to observe them.

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Project Zen: The Rocks

This extract from our Zen-inspired creative design exercise is all about the hardscape. From naturalistic rounded river rocks to geometric mountain ranges – all appearances are proudly deceptive.

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Project Zen: The Rope Path

Our creative design exercise, inspired by the forms found in Zen temple gardens, features the use of recyclable materials and construction methods that gently challenge convention...

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People With A Passion: Gary Nolan – Strategic Accounts Director

The events industry, despite its current battering, is well-stocked with multitalented individuals who love what they do. Atlanta-based Gary Nolan is one of ours.

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Project Zen – The Beginning

Conjure up the calming vision of a Zen meditation garden: exquisite planting, trees and rocks, raked pebble ripple-ponds, perhaps a wandering deer or two. Now imagine it all in corrugated fiberboard...

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We had the idea for the Virtually Challenged video when we were thinking how best to tell people about CDI World's new Virtual Trade Show Service.

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