12 Ways To Be Ready For The Great Unlock

With optimism creeping back, exhibitors face yet another challenge – getting match-fit to resume the new-style event circuit. Here are some top tips to pump up those trade show muscles.

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Rolling Out Retail

It’s an art. It’s a science. It’s not for the fainthearted. We take a look behind the scenes at how to achieve a successful big-brand showcase implementation.

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Material Differences: Terrazzo Topping Tambour

It began centuries ago, when ingenious Italian craftsmen scooped up marble fragments left over from aristocratic builds and poured them into clay mortar for use in their own humbler homes.

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Time For A Toe In The Water?

Your existing booth has been gathering cobwebs for over a year now* and you’re wondering whether to begin testing the live event circuit. So where do you start to restart?

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Material Differences: FilzFelt

Pinboards aren’t usually thought of as cool interior design features. But our installation for Accent Decor’s new Product Design Studio made us view them in a whole new light.

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Durl Jensen of CDI World USA appointed to EACA Board.

The Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Association (EACA) is the trade show and events industry association dedicated to “raising the level of service excellence on the show floor.”

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Material Differences: Richlite

Over the years, the carpenter/installers in our Commercial Interiors division have worked with an impressive array of materials – from natural to man-made. Richlite is an intriguing blend of both. Birthed in the Pacific Northwest in 1943 as an ultra-durable aerospace construction material, Richlite is a resin-impregnated, wood-fiber, paper-composite substance, heat-pressed into dense sheets that can serve […]

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People With A Passion: Peter Blakey – Senior Contracts Executive.

With forty years in carpentry and prestigious exhibition projects, Peter’s seen it all, built it all and has definitely earned the tee-shirt. He also races sailboats, windsurfs and rides a Harley.

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Project Zen – The Lighting Design

In this final entry on our Zen garden inspired booth design, we describe how its digitally simulated photorealistic lighting can be translated into real life.

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In this Q&A, Durl Jensen, President of CDI World-USA, explains how the companies that form the global CDI World events business are providing brands with fresh ways to engage customers in a changed landscape.

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