Creative Design

Bringing Army of the Dead to Life

We are proud of our team members who are truly passionate about their jobs and getting it just right, every time. Self-confessed perfectionist, Jodie, talks about how she loves the artistry and variety of her job, and tells us about her personal favourite: Army of the Dead.

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WestRock: Combining Whimsical Style with Sustainability

Spurred on by the award-winning Project Zen, CDI World’s design teams think outside the box (literally and metaphorically) to create an unforgettable space.

Read More October 18th, 2022 by CDI World

Promethean Relights The Flame

When edtech specialist Promethean decided to redesign its exhibition booth to reflect updated branding, the striking result not only attracted visitors but created unexpected opportunities.

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A Brief Guide To Briefing

If it’s been a while since you commissioned an exhibition stand or if you’re a first-timer, here are some pointers to keep you on track.

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“Project Zen” Wins Gold

Exhibitor Magazine judges have given CDI World USA the top spot in the Conceptual category of the magazine’s 35th Annual Exhibit Design Award Competition.

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Design Trends 2022

Faced with immense challenges, the Hospitality and Food & Beverage sectors are employing design ingenuity to increase customer appeal and claw back business.

Read More November 3rd, 2021 by Rachel Ng and Nick Anwari

Project Zen – The Lighting Design

In this final entry on our Zen garden inspired booth design, we describe how its digitally simulated photorealistic lighting can be translated into real life.

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Project Zen: The Animals & The Sittables

In our corrugated cardboard Zen garden, nothing conjures tranquility quite like a family of gently-browsing quadrupeds – plus some well-placed sittables from which to observe them.

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Project Zen: The Rocks

This extract from our Zen-inspired creative design exercise is all about the hardscape. From naturalistic rounded river rocks to geometric mountain ranges – all appearances are proudly deceptive.

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Project Zen: The Rope Path

Our creative design exercise, inspired by the forms found in Zen temple gardens, features the use of recyclable materials and construction methods that gently challenge convention...

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