Trade Show

Hybrid Goes Infinite

It’s become the word of the year in the trade show and exhibitions industry and it’s completely transforming the way exhibiting businesses think about one of their most trusted sales and marketing channels.

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Time For A Toe In The Water?

Your existing booth has been gathering cobwebs for over a year now* and you’re wondering whether to begin testing the live event circuit. So where do you start to restart?

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People With A Passion: Peter Blakey – Senior Contracts Executive.

With forty years in carpentry and prestigious exhibition projects, Peter’s seen it all, built it all and has definitely earned the tee-shirt. He also races sailboats, windsurfs and rides a Harley.

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Project Zen – The Lighting Design

In this final entry on our Zen garden inspired booth design, we describe how its digitally simulated photorealistic lighting can be translated into real life.

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Project Zen: The Rocks

This extract from our Zen-inspired creative design exercise is all about the hardscape. From naturalistic rounded river rocks to geometric mountain ranges – all appearances are proudly deceptive.

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Project Zen – The Beginning

Conjure up the calming vision of a Zen meditation garden: exquisite planting, trees and rocks, raked pebble ripple-ponds, perhaps a wandering deer or two. Now imagine it all in corrugated fiberboard...

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Changing Times

With its list of top brands including most of the Haute Horlogerie 'royalty', what could possibly go wrong for the annual Baselworld trade show?

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The Art Of The Portables

With larger-scale trade expos and events undergoing a crisis of confidence our Portables Service is continuing to build an enthusiastic client fan-base. So what's the attraction?

Read More May 12th, 2021 by Alicia Moran & Kayla Holland

Back To The Future?

Why getting smaller could be the next big thing.

Read More May 12th, 2021 by Paul Watts

Virtual Trade Shows: Are They Heading Our Way?

At first glance, the idea of virtual trade shows seems entirely at odds with a company like ours with decades of experience building bespoke and off the shelf physical structures for live events.

Read More July 1st, 2020 by Mathew Hance