Logistics and More

Finding the best way

Getting finished exhibits to the right place at the right time in the right condition can be a complex task – especially when destinations are distant and crossing borders is involved. We also need to adapt rapidly to public health requirements which may be imposed regionally or locally at short notice.

Many years of experience, often working in concert with our partner companies across the world and against the clock, has given us the ability to anticipate and navigate our way around most obstacles, including bad weather, bureaucracy and breakdowns.


We take the logistic implications of a project into account early as these may influence its design. Even the sequence in which finished components are packed for transport will ease installation on site and we use specialist software to optimize this.  

We also store, maintain and sanitize exhibit properties for clients running repeat schedules, shipping them out to venues as required. Originally developed for global-scale shows, this service has proved equally useful for businesses running smaller local events who can order their custom show kits easily online through our Portables portal.       

When exhibits are a one-time-only build or reach the end of their practical lifespan, their logistics journey isn’t over. They will be sustainably recycled internally, or in collaboration with local partners such as the Life Cycle Building Center, reused or repurposed for community benefit.

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