Booth in a Box: A New Way to Exhibit

Lund was looking for a new booth design that was flexible and easy to move from tradeshow to tradeshow. CDI USA and Lund began working on an idea for a “Booth in a Box” which can be easily transported and assembled.

The Booth in a Box is a 7x4x6 foot box that opens into a full tradeshow booth display. Lund decided to invest in three Booth in a Box displays for all their tradeshow needs.

The booth condensed, looks as though it is just a large box. The exterior has two panels that extend the width of the box. These panels open to reveal additional storage space to hold graphics and materials that will be featured on the show floor. On top of the booth, there are brackets and connectors for easy install of graphics and flag pole displays. The bottom of the booth is designed for easy transport in mind and contains space for a forklift to move when necessary.

When it is time to assemble, the doors open to a total span of 10 feet wide. These doors have LED incorporated panels, full-length graphics, as well as leveling mounts on the bottom of the doors. The booths also contain a flat-screen TV on swivel brackets and multiple interior storage areas with shelves.

Each Booth in a Box serves a different purpose for Lund. Although the exterior is the same, the interior contains specific graphics and products that best serve Lund’s tradeshow needs.

If you are looking for a way to easily transport and assemble your booth at tradeshows, contact us for more information.

Lund International designs, manufactures, and markets branded automotive accessories primarily for light and heavy trucks, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), crossover utility vehicles (CUVs), vans and passenger cars. Find more information about Lund International here.

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