How to Make Your Exhibit Booth Stand Out

Trade Shows are a great way for your company to display all it has to offer. If you have never exhibited before, the idea of having an exhibit booth may seem like a daunting task. First impressions are everything, so what is necessary to create a great visual representation of your company?


1. Branding

The main component of your exhibit booth should be maintaining your company’s theme and brand. No matter the size of your booth, your brand should be noticeable anywhere and everywhere in the booth. This is not saying you should have your logo plastered on everything, but that your overall color scheme and branding techniques are being used.

For example, WestRock’s Box on Demand booth at the 2018 International Woodworking Fair incorporated their branding by using boxes as décor and furniture. This allowed the company to display what their product was capable of while keeping their overall theme in mind.

Think of your target audience and what they would enjoy. Drawing your audience into your booth should be your main goal. Keep in mind that your audience is viewing many other booths relating to your industry.

What would make your company stand out among the rest?


2. Interactive Components

Having interactive components at your booth will help to not only draw people in but will have them staying a little longer than they normally would. Let your guests be immersed in your product/brand. You want to have people remember your exhibit booth when they get back home. These interactive components can range from games, to a touchscreen board with company information, or even an ice cream bar. The opportunities are endless, but remember to keep your theme consistent with your brand!

Double Dutch used their branding in an interactive way by displaying a giant phone for people to come up and swipe through what the company has to offer. Being a mobile event app, this approach made perfect sense for Double Dutch.


3. Comfortable Space

When you walk the Trade Show floor, wouldn’t you want to enter a booth that feels warm and inviting? Your space should be somewhere that your target audience would want to sit and hang out for a while. This will give you the opportunity to talk and interact with those potential clients and customers.

Make sure to have warm lighting and comfortable floors. This may seem silly, but the show floors are usually on concrete with a thin carpeting layer. Add that extra layer of comfort to your booth area. Not only will this bring comfort to you and your team, but your guests won’t mind standing and talking with you for a little bit longer.

Think about adding natural elements to your exhibit booth. Incorporating items such as wood and live plants will provide a calm and welcoming environment to the otherwise cold and dark show floor.


4. Giveaways

Everyone knows that the cheapest and most popular giveaway is the pen. Yes, we write with pens often, but how many of those logo pens do you still have on your desk or at home from years of attending events?

Think of creative and useful items that your audience may want. You do not have to spend a lot of money, but spending that extra $1 per item may bring extra foot traffic to your booth. Think about flash drives or portable chargers. These are both customizable and affordable when bought in bulk.


5. Design

The outside of your booth is just as important as what you are displaying on the inside. You never want a boring exterior! First impressions only happen once, so make it count.

Knowing the right way to design and display your company’s work is not easy. There are many components to consider when coming up with your trade show booth design.

CDI USA specializes in bringing your exhibit booth design ideas to life. For more information on what you can do to create the perfect trade show booth design contact CDI USA today.


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