Rinker Materials Creates First Concrete Pipe Tiny House in U.S.

Rinker Materials is one of the nation’s largest producers of concrete pipe and related materials. Rinker, now a division of the Quikrete company, saw the opportunity to take the tiny house idea to the next level. The company decided that their concrete pipes would be the ideal base for a tiny house that will help solve many problems in communities across the country. These problems include: overpopulation, homelessness, cost of living, and natural disasters.

Rinker took the idea and put it in action. They created a contest where architectures design a functional tiny home with a Rinker concrete pipe as the base. With over 50 impressive design submissions, the Pipe Dream contest decided upon Sandra Guillen as the winner.

Guillen is a single mom and architecture student at The Catholic University of America. She learned of the contest with only 24 hours until the submission deadline. Sandra has seen the challenge of homelessness first-hand. She grew up in Bolivia, one of the poorest countries in Latin America, and witnessed family friends living without a steady roof over their heads. This motivated Guillen to create a design that was practical and functional.

The design begins with a concrete pipe base. Overall, the structure weighs 30 tons and has around 100 square feet of living space. This living space contains a loft style bed, office, kitchenette, closed bathroom area with a toilet and shower, seating area and an outdoor patio. All the aspects of the living space were constructed and assembled by the team at CDI USA.

The first ever concrete pipe tiny home in the United States was revealed at the International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas on February 19.

Rinker, with the help of AIAS (American Institute of Architecture Students) and Guillen, plan on making concrete pipe tiny homes a reality.

See how the CDI USA team built and assembled the interior structures for the tiny house, here.

Learn more about Rinker Materials and the Pipe Dream contest at www.RinkerPipeDream.com.



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