CDI USA Delivers Seamless Design Elements for Local Vine Retail Interior

Local Vine, a new local provision store in Vinings, Georgia, sought an upscale and inviting shopping experience. The 25,000 sq. ft. blank canvas was to be turned into a modern and accessible design. Due to their knowledge and capabilities to build such a design, Local Vine turned to CDI USA. 

CDI USA was able to not only assist in the installation process, but they were also able to build and construct the endcaps and signage for the store. Seamless design elements, such as hanging boxes with a built-in leveler, allowed for the appearance of an open and contemporary store. 

With such a sleek and upscale vision, the necessity for someone that can complete these design elements in-house was vital. Having all elements produced in-house allowed CDI USA and Local Vine to complete the project in a swift and timely manner. 

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