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Rachel Ng

STONE APPEAL began with a bold brief: create an interior design for an open concept jewellery store destined to become a trendsetter in global fashion.

As an emerging business, Stone Appeal needed just the right retail environment to reveal the generous spirit of their brand: ‘beauty with depth’ and full focus on the customer’s needs and comfort during their jewellery-buying experience. 

Lead designer, Nek Anwari, took an understated approach. Precious metals and gemstones conjure geologic time scales and a distinctive palette. The choice of marble as a prominent theme was an early decision that grounded the brand, literally, in earth and stone.

Creating an open circulating space with innovative visual merchandising was key. So too was easy social distancing and contactless payment systems. All while serving the primary goal – to keep customers fully engaged with the products.

Design highlights:

  • Slanted marble clad entrance projects strength, solidity and calm.
  • Palette of glossy white, polished brass and wood tones exudes high quality. 
  • Display case interiors resemble striking multihued fields of gems
  • Picture frame showcases present products as works of art.
  • Art installation style lighting design is used throughout the store.
  • Unique ‘floating stones’ ceiling treatment reflects the glittering products below.

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