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Pinboards aren’t usually thought of as cool interior design features. But our installation for Accent Decor’s new Product Design Studio made us view them in a whole new light.

The designer specified four custom-made 90×48 inch FilzFelt panels to serve as pinboards in the Studio’s open creative space – an area dedicated to brainstorming, collaboration and evaluation. FilzFelt, with its deep color and subtle texture, proved to be an ideal choice for this ultimate ‘designer’ environment.

FilzFelt was founded in 2008 by two felt-loving Bostonians, Traci Roloff and Kelly Smith. They started out with a sewing machine, a few feet of traditional, German-milled woolen felt, and intentions of creating a silky-soft laptop bag. However, they soon saw that the material had much greater potential.

The company has since grown to become a high-end felt innovator and supplier. It offers several 100% wool products, including wall paneling, drapery, acoustic screens and more. Biodegradable and renewable (Go Sheep!), FilzFelt is well-suited to a world where environmental protection and sustainability are must-haves.

To create the super-smooth texture of our installation’s pinboard panels, the felt is produced employing the same process that has been used in wool mills for well over a century. After machine-cleaning, the wool is then untangled and combed before being steamed and pressed into sheets.

The FilzFelt we ordered arrived in bolts, which we cut and fashioned, buttressed with cork-backing and framed on a gliding rail system. This rolled out to reveal a large chalkboard wall behind. As most designers will agree – you can never have too many surfaces on which to develop cool ideas.

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