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The Power of Modular Exhibits Do you want to craft a brand-boosting trade show exhibition stand without the hassle? Our modular exhibit systems are the answer. With a range of features and our years of experience in creating and installing outstanding show booths across the globe, we guarantee your satisfaction. Take a look for yourself and see the power of our systems!

Using either an aluminium frame system which is compatible with our partners across the globe, or our own wooden units, we will provide you with the right solution.

Get in touch with us today and let us show you how different the modular system experience can be.

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Non-system Looks

Our High Performance Exhibit Systems are aesthetically superior and highly adaptable, enabling designers to create stunning results that enhance your brand.

Low Carbon Footprint

Based on immensely strong aluminum frames that can be reused time after time, our systems have an inherently low carbon footprint.

Low Transport Costs

Light in weight and remarkably compact, our systems can offer you major savings on ever-increasing storage, transport and material handling fees.

Own or Rent or Both

Today, flexibility is essential. Clients can purchase systems outright (keeping them in our optional storage facility}, rent them per event, or choose a mix of both.

Reduced Labor Costs

Systems are designed to be set up and dismantled quickly and safely with minimal manpower, reducing your labor and management costs.

Simple Storage and Logistics

Lightweight printed fabric panels can be easily stored (often in a standard office environment), and economically transported to your show venue.


Clients employ our modular exhibit systems in a variety of situations…

Easy Atlantic crossing
A trade show in New York followed closely by a similar show in London was made simple and cost effective for the client by sending just the fabric panel ‘skin’ to London where it was mounted onto locally-hired standard frames.

Hidden extras
During design scoping, the client was delighted to find that the modular system could adapt to accommodate a small private conference room and plenty of storage – features that would normally be the preserve of a custom booth.

Big booth – small load
For the client’s extensive show booth in the famous Los Angeles Convention Center, all the walls (a run of 400 ft) were packed onto a single pallet, with the entire exhibit (including floor, reception counters and signage) shipped on one semi-trailer.

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