Hybrid and Virtual Event Services

The world of events and trade shows is changing fast. We’re keeping our clients ahead of the curve with fresh, hybrid options that combine the best of physical and virtual formats.

Live physical events and trade shows where people can experience products at first-hand and meet face-to-face will always be a gold standard format for exchanging ideas and doing business. Physical events are in our company DNA and will remain so. However, the world is not static, and neither are we.

A Screenshot of the Doosan virtual showroom

In unpredictable marketplaces, reliance on the status quo is no longer a viable strategy. You must have access to a wider choice of flexible, resilient and dynamic ways to engage your customers. Our Hybrid and Virtual Event Service is designed to meet this need by applying a holistic approach to events that removes barriers to creativity and agility.    

Supporting the trend towards brand experiences that are smaller, more frequent and more precisely targeted, we can offer you any mix of physical events held at venues ranging from lobby pop-up to hired hall. At the same time, we can complement these with virtual and digital experiences running on our own advanced hybrid event platform.

With every physical and virtual component of your hybrid event customized to your needs and project managed to our usual high standard, you are free to focus on the most important element of all – your customers.   


Service elements include:  


  • Conceptual and Production Design
  • Engineering and Detailing
  • Sourcing and Custom Fabrication
  • Logistics and Installation
  • Total Project Management


  • Digital Design and Prototyping
  • Coding and Programming
  • Uploading and Monitoring
  • Uploading and Monitoring
  • Data Analysis and Follow-Up

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