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Events are getting lighter, more frequent and more flexible and many brands run their own. Our Portable Programs provide everything they need.  

Organizations of all sizes are seeking adaptable event solutions to keep their promotional effort rolling through uncertain times. Our Portable Programs Service stores branded event kits that clients can order online through their own dedicated web portal. The selected kit is then delivered to the specified venue in pristine condition ready for assembly.

Event kits can take many forms and include elements such as pop-up backwalls, pylons, reception desks, seating, plinths, brochure racks, flooring, mood lighting, technology windows and sanitizer stations. Everything you need to present a professional and consistent brand image.

The service supports the trend towards smaller events which may take place at short notice in a range of local venues such as hotel conference rooms, office lobbies, auto dealerships, retail stores and town halls. Designed for simplicity and ease of use, we have streamlined the process into seven steps:

1.Set up your secure online portal
We help you to get started.

2. Create your event and select your kit
Photos clearly identify items.

3. Go to checkout and confirm your order
Your kit will be in the cart.

4. Pack and ship
Our team takes care of this

5. Assemble on site
Do it yourself or we can arrange.

6. Collect and maintain kit before returning to store
We take care of this too.

7. Plan your next Event
It gets easier every time

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It’s no secret that organizations of all sizes are looking for rapid solutions to keep their customers engaged and their new business and promotional effort on the road through uncertain times. Find out how CDI World work hard to find the right solutions.

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