Special Structures

When faced with the challenge of creating and installing special structures, our designers and fabricators thrive, flexing their creative muscles to solve the most unusual creative conundrums.  

Collaborating with our counterparts in Singapore and the United States, CDI World UK has worked with leading global organisations to deliver excellence in the field of creating custom event structures and head-turning commercial spaces. We possess unrivalled end-to-end capabilities and have developed strong working partnerships with external agencies. This means that we have the agility to support the design and installation of structures by ourselves, as well as access to local talent and resources should additional person power be required.  

While the team at CDI World UK deem every structure to be special in some way, the term “special structures” applies to custom event structures that do not fit easily into a traditional category. They are special not just because of the unique experience that they offer, but because of their timescale, logistical challenges, or purpose.  

At CDI World UK, we are delighted to collaborate with our clients to make their vision come true, while maintaining an eye on structural integrity and preserving precious spaces. When the Gleneagles Hotel hosted the Ryder Cup, CDI World UK was tasked with creating a hospitality centre that would provide excellent sight lines for guests, without impinging on the structure or aesthetics of the magnificent, listed croft building upon which the structure was to be built. The resulting raised hospitality suite complemented and protected the ancient stone, while providing a world-class viewing experience for a truly unforgettable occasion.  

From one end of the country, to the other: a Cornish surfing festival found our team delivering another outstanding custom event structure, which showcased the beach-readiness of the Kia’s Soul EV while providing a relaxing experience for clients, complete with bar, beach chairs and boardwalk-style flooring. Rather than looking out of space in the organic setting of the Cornish Coast, this special structure successfully encapsulated a way of life.  

Back to the City, and CDI World UK was proud to work with a first-class design team to install a stunning temporary Olympic TV studio on London’s South Bank. With a three-week turnaround, the striking building featured glass walls to provide views of Tower Bridge and St Paul’s. Carefully planned lighting and fluid silhouettes made this temporary structure look like the hottest new location in town.  

From creating energy-generating dance floors to broadcasting centres, the custom event structures created by CDI World UK are constructed with functionality, aesthetics and sustainability in mind. Where possible, our teams plan and install structures in a way that allows them to be reused or repurposed. In terms of reuse, we carefully construct and deconstruct special structures, offering a packaging and storing service, so that they can be redeployed at any location around the globe. If this is not possible, then we work with local partners to donate materials, which can be repurposed to benefit the broader community.  

If you would like to find out more about how our teams can create special structures to meet your unique needs, get in touch; someone will get back to you shortly.  

Case Study

We showed our-speed-out-of-the-blocks at the greatest sporting event on earth with this purpose-built temporary TV studio on London’s South Bank for broadcaster Al Jazeera. Find out how we got this event put together in record time.

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