Another Great Day At The Office

Zane Hale

Bringing creative design concepts to life is one of our most satisfying tasks. A recent fit-out for FIRMSPACE Atlanta’s impressive new office environment ticked all the boxes.   

It wasn’t that long ago when most office space comprised either rows of cubicles or echoing hangars. Then came the realization that surroundings could make a huge difference to people’s quality of life and quality of work. With pre-pandemic self-employment and start-ups on the rise, the inspirational workspace was born.

Although today’s workspaces have been adapted to cope with current health concerns, certain design principles remain: extensive use of natural materials, a varied choice of work areas to suit individual preferences, and a calm yet stimulating ambience – assisted by good lighting and acoustics.    

Many of the best schemes also incorporate distinctive features that help to define the character of the environment. Ideally, this character should be apparent from the moment office workers or visitors arrive. As somebody once said: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

The architect’s vision for the FIRMSPACE project included a statement Reception Island in handsome black walnut. Fabricated in the CDI World workshop, our expert team of skilled craftsmen hand-routed the angular-detailed panels and secured them to a robust wooden frame before fitting a solid quartz top and a matte-black foot rail.          

Details make interiors. From fine-tuning the distinctive acacia wall panels to lofting lengthy baseboard up sixteen flights of stairs to avoid unnecessary joints, our team ensured every element was crafted for impeccable fit and function. Quality of finish also assisted the wow factor. We used our laminator press to apply the sheen on the cabinets, and the appearance of all the wood was enhanced by carefully-recessed illumination.

It’s not solely about quality of course. In business, timing is crucial too and we take pride in meeting our deadlines, as we did here – the last stage being a walkthrough with the client. To summarize, we think everybody deserves a great day at the office. So, when the moment comes for you to return, make sure you choose a workplace that inspires as effectively as FIRMSPACE.

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