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At CDI World Singapore, we seamlessly manage every element of your trade show stand design and installation to ensure that it has lasting impact.  

From sleek office interiors to head turning retail stands, our build and installation management teams are known around the globe for their precision, efficiency, and ability to capture even the most extraordinary design concepts whilst ensuring optimal functionality.  

When it comes to trade show stands and interiors, it is common for organisations to invest time and resources into the design and production phases and neglect the build and installation process. However, a design is only as good as its final iteration. As such, effective management of trade show stand builders can help you to ensure that your project crosses the finish line with a sprint finish, instead of a lacklustre limp. At CDI World Singapore, we can ensure that your project maintains its momentum throughout the design and installation process, bringing concepts to life in a way that is both memorable and functional.  

For many of our international clients, branding holds the key to success. With partners in the UK and the USA, at CDI World Singapore, we possess the capability to produce, transport and install the same stands simultaneously across international locations, while meeting specific needs in terms of legislation and practical considerations. As a result of these international collaborations, at CDI World Singapore we have forged lasting relationships with industry leaders around the world. Our project management teams have worked with myriad clients and agencies, collaborating efficiently to deliver outstanding results. From showstopping auto show trade stands, to luxury night club booths, our attention to detail and understanding of how different customers interact with their space enable us to ensure that the build and installation of designs are executed to the very highest of standards.  

As the original home of CDI World, at CDI World Singapore, we have a clear vision of what makes an outstanding exhibition stand. We know which partners can deliver the vision, and who possesses the niches skills that can make the difference between something being everyday or exceptional. We work with a host of local and international suppliers to ensure that our trade show stand build services meet the exceptionally high standards that our clients expect, every time.  

If you value attention to detail and want your exhibition stand to be built to the highest standards, get in touch.  

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