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When edtech specialist Promethean decided to redesign its exhibition booth to reflect updated branding, the striking result not only attracted visitors but created unexpected opportunities.

Promethean’s vision to: “be the preferred global partner for teaching, learning and collaboration” is a comprehensive one, and showing the scope of its technology within the confines of an exhibition booth, however roomy, is always a challenge.

Historically, Promethean’s booths featured many ActivPanel screens on which the power and versatility of various systems and options could be demonstrated to visitors one-to-one or in small groups. This meant incorporating rails and walls to separate the different areas.

The implementation of a brand refresh, with updated logo and colors, presented an opportunity to take a fresh look at the booth design. Exhibition designer, Ryan Hooper, who has worked on scores of projects in partnership with CDI World, explains the thinking behind the new approach.

“I’m a great believer in ‘less is more’ – especially in frantic environments such as exhibition halls. While booth hosts are highly familiar with the products they sell and can navigate their way around easily, many visitors won’t be so well informed and can be discouraged or confused if confronted with too many options.

“Promethean, as experts in learning and in how information is best conveyed, were quick to see the benefits of a concept that was more focused and less busy. The latest design takes this approach and it really brings the new branding to life.”

The rethought booth is built around a large central open space which provides a meeting area and auditorium-style padded bench seating. The focal point is a large screen which displays timed presentations through the day.

Behind the screen is a striking feature, a series of curving vertical panels. These represent the “flame of knowledge” – a concept derived from the Greek myth of Prometheus who stole fire (symbolizing knowledge), from Zeus and gifted it to humanity. The flame, in simpler form, is also part of the Promethean logo.      

Suspended at high level directly above the main space, three large light boxes shine soft white light onto the booth. Their sides, clad in the brand’s distinctive dark plum, carry the logo and the inspirational theme line: Let’s do something brilliant.    

The first showing of the new format booth received very positive feedback from visitors and booth hosts alike. It also generated enquiries from educational establishments who expressed interest in recreating elements of the booth in their own facilities.

All of which indicates that good design gets good results – even if some of those results aren’t always foreseen.  

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