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Durl Jensen

Global Delivery for Booths

For CDI World, global is local. And for every build that rolls out from our docks, seamless delivery – regardless of location – is baked in. Durl Jenson has taken the time to set out what it takes to deliver such a service..

The challenge of moving into unfamiliar territory overseas can be daunting for some companies, with new venues to negotiate and complex foreign regulations to confront, aside from tailored campaigns to manage. As Strategic Accounts Director with CDI World USA, I work with clients to help them identify their needs and come up with the best possible solutions for their global marketing engagements and budget.

Working multinationally for decades, CDI World has long refined a highly integrated operation between its global bases in the USA, UK and Singapore. This corporate oneness means that when one of our clients gets an opportunity in a new part of the world, we’re always at-the-ready, ensuring smooth delivery without missing a beat.

As caretakers of each client’s brand-integrity, we work day in and day out with top local teams to achieve a superior level of production. It’s critical, we feel, to do this while both speaking the language and understanding the culture.

Wherever in the world we’re operating, from Miami to Munich, Barcelona to Birmingham, our project managers engage best-in-class local expertise in event services, transportation, rigging, A/V and more. We also employ locally-sourced materials whenever possible. Avoiding the need to convey large teams of people and tons of equipment thousands of miles is both environmentally friendly and cost effective.

For one of our longtime clients, a leading paper and packaging company, global outreach is afoot in a big way, and as they propagate their brand around the world, we’ve helped them execute ‘Fast to Market’ exhibition structures at recent US, UK and European shows. We coordinated this series from our Atlanta base, ensuring our client, despite stretching across borders and time zones, could enjoy a seamless transition all the way from design and line-itemed pricing through to delivery and installation.

CDI World’s global delivery capability can offer clients a major advantage. For example, as luxury car promotion has scaled down globally, the demand for intimate new-model reveals has risen. When our UK base was tasked by the agency of a luxury auto brand to install settings for simultaneous low profile launches in the UAE, Korea and Japan, our UK and Singapore teams project managed delivery and installation between them. Having strong, established routes of communication between each of the regional teams, nothing was lost in translation. They created a uniform experience for the client by employing trusted local partners in the regions concerned. Key to the success of projects such as this is the wealth of project management experience and skills found within the teams.        

Seamless customer accessibility

With virtual components now built increasingly into campaigns, many are seeing engagement tick upwards as potential customers, unable to participate in face-to-face meetings for whatever reason, can now engage online at their convenience. Virtual marketing events, it turns out, can go on long after a three and a half day trade show has ended, greatly sustaining marketing reach.

Clients are also finding that our virtual capability can serve new, previously unimagined purposes too. We have recently built a virtual showroom that not only provides an easy-to-access demonstration area for customers but also serves to train the client’s salespeople. What better way to teach new reps the ropes before sending them out to face the crowds? These virtual showrooms can also be adapted to help with remote trouble-shooting and maintenance support.

Ultimately, a large part of what we do is overcoming barriers, whether these are geographical, logistical, technical or otherwise. And this process begins from the outset by getting to know our clients, their objectives, and the realities of their business and marketing environment. From here, a detailed dialogue is sparked, a creative brief developed and, pretty soon, a new project springs to life. Guaranteed seamless of course!

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