Driving Engagement: The Secrets Behind BYD’s Electric Vehicle Roadshow in Singapore

Bryan Bay

Our Singapore event and exhibit company successfully designed and executed a 400sqm automotive event for BYD’s Roadshow 2024, held at the prestigious Suntec City Convention Centre Atrium. As a relatively new client of six months, BYD required a unique space that would serve as a showroom away from their traditional dealership settings. The end goal was to create a space with strong brand visibility that felt welcoming to the public and encouraged them to experience BYD’s electric vehicles (EVs) firsthand.


The primary objective for the BYD Roadshow 2024 was to construct an inviting and branded environment that could function as a remote showroom. This space needed to showcase BYD’s electric vehicles and facilitate direct engagement with the public. The design was to highlight BYD’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in the EV market.

Challenges and Solutions

The primary challenge faced by CDI World Singapore was the tight setup timeframe. The team was initially allocated to commence work at 10:30pm and conclude by 7am the following day. However, complications arose when the previous tenant of the space encountered difficulties in clearing out, which led to an unexpected delay. Consequently, CDI World Singapore’s setup operations could only begin at 12:30am.

Despite this setback, CDI World Singapore demonstrated remarkable resilience and efficiency, quickly adapting to the new timeline. The team effectively coordinated their efforts, employing rapid yet precise installation techniques to ensure the event space was ready by the opening. Their expertise in managing time-sensitive projects proved crucial in overcoming the challenges presented.


The BYD Roadshow 2024 was a resounding success, achieving high footfall and engagement from the public. CDI World Singapore’s innovative design and seamless execution of the event space captivated visitors and facilitated meaningful interactions with BYD’s electric vehicles. The event significantly boosted BYD’s visibility in Singapore’s EV market and reinforced their reputation as an industry leader in sustainable automotive solutions.


CDI World Singapore’s dedication to excellence and their ability to overcome logistical challenges ensured that BYD’s objectives were not only met but exceeded. The success of the BYD Roadshow 2024 stands as a testament to CDI World Singapore’s capability in delivering high-impact event solutions under pressure, further cementing their status as a top-tier Singapore event and exhibit company.

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