We work hard to reduce our environmental impact – from eliminating waste and maximising recycling, to cutting energy consumption and sourcing materials responsibly.  

CDI World Singapore is dedicated to minimising its carbon footprint, and we’re always on the lookout for fresh and original methods to integrate sustainable practices into our business operations.  

By thinking sustainably, we can not only contribute to protecting the planet and the welfare of future generations, we can also assist clients, suppliers and partners to achieve their own environmental objectives.  

To support this effort, we have adopted ISO 14001 as the standard for our environmental management system (EMS). This helps us to track and record environmental effectiveness throughout our business. It’s especially valuable in project planning where we can assess the effects of different decisions on carbon emissions and other factors.    

This internationally recognised standard is being implemented throughout the CDI World group, giving clients confidence that it will be followed consistently wherever we do business.  

Our commitment to reducing environmental harm has been underlined by the appointment of a Sustainability Champion who will be responsible for maintaining the group’s operations to reduce the impact on the environment. 

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