The Art Of The Portables

Alicia Moran & Kayla Holland

With larger-scale trade expos and events undergoing a crisis of confidence  our Portables Service is continuing to build an enthusiastic client fan-base. So what’s the attraction?

It’s no secret that organizations of all sizes are looking for rapid solutions to keep their customers engaged and their new business and promotional effort on the road through uncertain times. And at CDI World we’ve been working hard on applying our skills, along with some smart technology, to provide those solutions.    

One way we’ve been doing this is to support the trend towards smaller regional and local events. Little-and-often is definitely giving big-and-less-frequent a run for its money at present and our Portables Service – AKA “Portables” – is playing a useful role in adapting to this shift.

In a nutshell (or, more often, in a carefully-packed crate), it’s an idea whose time has come.

Preparing to pack and dispatch an event kit in the CDI World warehouse.

And it’s a pleasingly simple concept. Portables offers companies a quick, easy and accurate method of ensuring the correct event kit is delivered to the show venue in pristine condition, ready for assembly. Just add people and products and you’re good to go.

Event kits can take many forms and include elements such as pop-up backwalls, pylons, reception desks, seating, plinths, brochure racks, flooring, mood lighting, technology windows and sanitizer stations. Everything a brand needs to present a professional and consistent image.

We originally developed the Portables system to serve a large multinational client who held a high-profile global events program and needed to store reusable custom booth components in a safe and logistically convenient location between shows.

Today, the system is proving just as useful for smaller promotional events which may take place at short notice in a wide range of local venues. These can include hotel function rooms, office lobbies, auto dealerships, retail stores and town halls. We’re considering awarding a prize for the most adventurous location. Watch this space.    

An overview of The Portables Service offered by CDI World-USA

How exactly does it work? Here’s a step-by-step guide for those weighing the possibilities offered by Portables:

  1. Set Up Portal. The first step is for our Account Services team to work with you to set up the system. Every client has their own secure branded Portables portal that we customize to their specific needs. We put a lot of effort into categorizing and describing event properties clearly and identifying them with photos.
  2. Create an event and select Kit. Using your password, you can now create an event and access your inventory at any time from any device with an internet connection. Depending on how your system is organized, you can select individual items or one of several pre-designed event kits. Just put your selections into the cart.
  3. Go to Checkout. When you’re ready, go to the checkout. At this stage you’ll be prompted to provide details of the venue address along with delivery instructions and timing information.
  4. Pack for Shipping. Once your order has been placed, our warehouse crew gets to work behind the scenes, locating all your selected properties and packing them with suitable protection into one or more crates ready for shipping.
  5. Deliver and Assemble. The shipping company collects and delivers the kit to the venue where it can be unpacked and assembled by your own team, or ours if you prefer.
  6. Return and Maintain. After the event, the kit is repacked by your chosen team and returned to the CDI World warehouse. Before being put back into storage, we check each property for damage or wear and rectify if necessary. We also sanitize each item to high standards, ensuring the kit is clean and safe for its next use.
  7. Rinse and Repeat. Once your portal is set up, planning future events becomes a snap!

We’re delighted that a diversity of companies use our Portables Service to manage their event properties with speed, simplicity and flexibility. If you’d like to explore how the system could benefit your events program, contact Account Services on 678-916-1212

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