Designing for a Welcome Return: USA

Durl Jensen

When pandemic restrictions ease, employees will be returning to the workplace with a mix of relief and trepidation. At CDI World-USA we’ve been developing practical and stylish ways to help you welcome them back, making their return both safer and more reassuring.    


This affordable modular panel system can be used to refresh and uplift common areas such as lobbies, breakrooms, hallways and conference rooms. Along with lighting and shelving, the versatile panels can accommodate temporary backlit signage, graphic boards, or monitor screens displaying your organization’s specific health and safety messages.


We have also developed a range of additional safety and wellness accessories ideal for reception lobbies and common areas. These include retractable tension barriers to organize traffic-flow, freestanding queue pylons with progression beacons, and a variety of wall or pylon-mounted sanitizing and mask/glove stations.

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For the UK & Europe welcome return catalogue, see here.

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