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Kayla Holland

Are you wondering how to get back on the trade show floor, not only in style, but with a cautious exhibit budget? We have ways…

There’s nothing quite like a physical trade show to create an impact, showcase your brand, build relationships and gain new customers – all achieved with the heady buzz of real-life human interaction.

Now that safety protocols are in place and applied diligently, trade shows are making a strong comeback. People are switching off their computers, stepping out their front doors and showing up in person.

Across the globe we’ve been working hard to enable clients to attend face-to-face events again, not just safely but cost effectively. Last month we did just that, with our first live trade show of the year at IMS in Atlanta for Smiths Interconnect.

What made this event special was the innovative booth structure, which cleverly combined a custom look with the economy of a rental system. It was all achieved with BeMatrix, an ingenious exhibit system that neatly bridges the gap between traditional custom construction and prefabricated or readymade units.

Provided by our partners, Moose Exhibits, BeMatrix trade show booth system utilizes aluminum frames with hard panels or SEG fabric graphics. The custom look is easy to achieve as virtually no framework is exposed. The frames can also be re-used repeatedly, making the system a truly sustainable option.

With marketing budgets understandably tight and some remaining uncertainty about visitor numbers and shows being postponed or cancelled, rental systems such as the BeMatrix trade show booth are an excellent choice when it comes to maximizing ROI. They’re durable, flexible, quick to install, less costly to transport and easy to manage.

The Smiths Interconnect exhibit ably demonstrates the benefits:

  1. Custom look with system convenience. By simply recycling infill panels and mounting graphics over the seams, any “system” appearance is disguised.
  2. Reduced shipping and material handling costs. The compact and open-framed system minimizes total weight and the cost of transport.
  3. Expert packing cuts installation time. Our experienced staff pack the units to match the on-site supervisor’s preferred build sequence, halving installation time.
  4. Efficient use of previous investment. The design was reconfigured for the event by our design team using parts of Smiths existing Satellite 2020 20×20 display.

So, if you’re choosing to take your brand to a trade show with a limited budget, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality, design or service. By using the only modular system in the market that looks custom built, CDI World USA in tandem with our partners Moose Exhibits can help you get your brand back out there. After all, it’s where you belong.

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