Hybrid Goes Infinite

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‘Hybrid’ has become the word of the year in the trade show and exhibitions industry and it’s completely transforming the way exhibiting businesses think about one of their most trusted sales and marketing channels.

Well before the pandemic struck, brands were beginning to ask themselves questions about the effectiveness of conventional trade shows. While hard ROI metrics were easy to calculate, there was always the possibility that a more flexible approach might pull in new prospects and perform even better.

The Hybrid show is that flexible approach and it promises to be one of the most exciting and dynamic developments seen in the exhibitions industry. Combining complementary physical and virtual/digital experiences, Hybrid is here to stay.

With Hybrid, the possibilities are (virtually) infinite and we’re celebrating that with the launch of a new ident that will apply to all our future Hybrid projects and communications.

Formed from interlinked tori representing physical and virtual worlds, it’s a symbol you’ll be seeing a lot more of as the new trade show landscape is revealed.

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