Safeguarding For A Welcome Return

Mathew Hance

Lockdown has brought an unexpected opportunity for forward-thinking businesses to revisit the employee and customer experience as it was… and reinvent what it needs to be in a new future.

As the commercial world emerges from the pandemic bodyblow, the most flexible and agile companies are coming out fighting after using the lockdown to review their operations.

Safety and reassurance for staff and customers are the new watchwords for businesses across all sectors adapting at pace to the greatest peace-time challenge we’ve ever faced.

With the only truly certain thing now being a little uncertainty, firms likely to thrive are those that accepted their business’ operational blueprint has been turned on its head – and acted fast to fight the coronavirus threat head-on.

That’s why we at CDI World-UK have taken a good look at our products to ensure our proven 60-year track record for engineering excellence, problem solving and innovation can make a difference in the new climate.

We’ve created a catalogue of high-quality, adaptable options for our customers, from customisable work pods to desk dividers, and from bespoke queuing systems to retrofit floor standing dividers. See the catalogue here.

Would you visit a supermarket with little social distancing or protective measures in place for you or its staff? Would you trust a business that didn’t put health and wellbeing first?

Our team offer site visits to any business across the UK for complex requirements, all fully observing and complying to Government guidance on social distancing.

The answer is hopefully an unequivocal no. Businesses that change the way they safeguard their own people in offices, showrooms and stores now will inevitably feel a warm afterglow from their customers in the future too.

Let’s be clear – we’re not going back to a uniform normal as the Government’s sector relevant guidelines indicate. Every business is different, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution so we always look for the most technically and cost effective bespoke option possible.

We’ve adapted too from working with wood and metal to increased use of polycarbonate and glass to retain openness and transparency while being safe.

Even as restrictions ease, people will need reassurance combined with a degree of the old normal. The best solutions are always those that do the job without us realising it.

With coronavirus proving an unpredictable foe, it’s vital that the commercial world stays on its toes. Products that can be easily adapted to suit all situations will be an investment for the future.

They are able to advise on a staged resilience plan that can include enough built-in design flex to enable it to be reviewed in the event of a localised coronavirus repeat.

Our concept, design and fabrication teams have worked through the pandemic – safely of course – to design and create products that:

  • reduce the risk of transmission among employees
  • maintain business as usual operations
  • ensure a healthy work culture

Future-proofing by completely reinventing the way we operate is a huge challenge but it’s something the best businesses do continuously to a lesser degree.

Tearing up and envisaging a new, health-centric culture is not easy, especially against a backdrop of legal requirements surrounding Covid-19, but that’s where CDI World-UK’s expertise can help.

It’s important to remember though that key to any enforced change is a clear employee communications strategy that addresses the specific needs of all parts of the business. And a decisive and consistent supporting stance from senior management.

Keep your staff ‘in the loop’ over measures you’re taking and their certainty and faith will spread to customers – the backbone of your commercial success ­– in a blurred world.

Certainly, the road ahead is uncertain, but constant monitoring, reassessment and assessment of equipment will go a long way to guaranteeing the most welcome return.

Download our catalogue here and call us for a chat about your requirements on +44(0) 7876 335644 or email us

For the USA welcome return range, see here.

Mathew Hance is CDI World’s UK and European Marketing Executive.

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