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Head turning interiors allow you to demonstrate your organization’s excellence to new and existing customers. With our unrivalled booth building capabilities, we can bring your commercial interior design concepts to life, helping you to create a memorable, functional space that represents your brand.   

Interior design is not just about form, it’s about functionality, too. Whether your priority is for a seamless service area, a creative space with noise control, or an optimized workspace, our teams can help you to create something truly special.  

Whether you realize it or not, design plays an integral part in your life; how you work, relax and shop. Clever retail, booth or commercial interior design will influence how and where people interact with each other as well as with a space. It can promote a productive workspace, encourage creative collaborations, or invoke an air of opulent indulgence. Whatever your goal, our skilled teams can create a space that exceeds your expectations.  

We created a functional workspace that represented the future of modern banking for a client in the finance world. All elements of the space needed to exude the client’s contemporary ethos, but sound proofing was a priority to allow multiple people to work and consult with confidence. Our design team ran with the challenge, bringing together a combination of high-end materials that delivered on both an aesthetic and noise-control level alongside acoustic fixtures. By making a design feature of the acoustic features, form and function integrated seamlessly in a display of true craftsmanship.  

From soundproofing to pinboards, our technicians are skilled at turning the mundane into the magnificent. When we were tasked with creating a quartet of 90x48inch panels for a creative space, we went beyond the brief to create sliding panels produced from artisan felt and corkboard, which glide out of line to reveal a full-sized chalk board; myriad surfaces on which the client’s teams can exercise their creative flare.  

When creating designated creative areas or communal workspaces, shop floors or exhibitions, it is impossible to overestimate the impact of design. The right flow, the right energy, and branding can signpost your staff, your customers, or clients to behave in a particular way that meets your goals. And at CDI World USA, we have the end-to-end capabilities and experience to help you to achieve your vision. With our large-scale production facilities, niche design services, skilled craftspeople, and efficient project management teams, we can make your interior space turn heads whilst being practical and manageable.   

With a wealth of experience under our belts, our design teams thrive on a challenge. Working with leading clients around the globe, they have demonstrated their eye for detail, their innovation and ability to understand our clients, and their customers.  

Whether you want to create a space that encourages industry, promotes a feeling of wellness and relaxation, or optimizes confidence and brand trust, CDI World USA’s team of creatives are on hand to work with you to create something truly special. Complete the form below to find out more.   


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This interior fit-out marries precision carpentry with premium materials achieving a stunning high-end result. Find out how CDI World worked with some of the best manufacturers to achieve this incredible finish.

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