Trade Show and Event Structures

At CDI World USA we consistently meet our clients’ needs in the design and construction of trade show structures, regardless of their location, time constraints and special requirements.

Trade shows and events are a vital resource which allow ambitious organizations to ensure that their brand gets seen by the right people. A trade show booth needs to make maximum impact within a potentially minimal time window. It is, therefore, important that you choose the right team to make your concepts a reality.

The business of creating standout trade show structures is one that we take seriously at CDI World USA. We work closely with our counterparts in the UK and Singapore to produce trade show and event structures that are designed to engage and delight. Whilst the experience of your customers is central to our designs, as our client, we value your satisfaction above all else. We offer a modular approach to booth building, which allows us to reduce costs as we can use existing resources and create additional modules to meet your needs. This approach not only saves on costs and waste, but provides you with flexibility to evolve your booth in the future, to accommodate product evolution or changing needs while retaining the original branding.

By working with our global partners, we created an eye-catching show stand for JLR that hit the mark on the day, but which could be recreated anywhere around the globe. The collaboration between the USA and UK offices meant that all team members are familiar with the design and build requirements and each can ship and install the structure, depending on the destination location. This process is made even smoother by our international capabilities, which allow us to seamlessly negotiate territory-specific requirements. A truly international innovation.

Another international initiative was a show stand for Høvik-based DNV-GL, who needed a stand that could be utilized throughout a three-year global exhibition schedule. The stand not only needed to be eye-catching and functional, allowing the client’s risk managers to connect with major industry leaders, but it needed to clearly reflect brand values. As well as making the trade show structure easy to ship, install, deconstruct and store, our designers ensured that the product would look as fresh on its 100th day as it did on its first.

Leading car manufacturers recognize exceptional build quality when they see it, which could be why they turn to CDI World USA to help them to create trade show structures to represent their brand and entice new clientele. Subtleties such as uneven floor height may be barely perceptible to some, but in the pursuit of a quality build, for CDI World’s design and installation teams, it is a challenge that must be overcome. When installing a Mazda stand that showcased the brand’s design philosophy, perfection was the only option. A height adjustable subfloor allowed for optimal precision and a smoothness that reflected the brand’s driving style.

Working independently or with our international colleagues, we provide the full spectrum of services in-house, which enables us to design, transport and install event booths across the world. However, we recognize that sometimes it is advantageous to work with other organizations. Through our extensive experience delivering a world class service, we have developed a network of skilled partners, upon whom we can call for additional resources and services should we need them. This adds another layer to our flexibility, allowing us to install duplicate booths in multiple territories.

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Service elements include:  

  • Conceptual and Production Design
  • Engineering and Detailing
  • Sourcing and Custom Fabrication
  • Regulatory Approvals
  • Logistics and Installation
  • Dismantling and Recycling
  • Health Protection and Safety
  • Total Project Management

Case Study

To show off the quality and wide variety of Larson architectural panels in a compact space at the AIA Conference Expo, we designed a show stand that incorporated the product into its structure. Find out how the CDI World team achieved one of the most complex trade show stands.

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