Welcome Return Protection Services

As businesses return to work, we’re supporting them with practical yet stylish solutions to protect the health of colleagues and customers.   

Health protection and safety measures don’t have to be stark and oppressive. They should reassure and inspire confidence. This was the concept behind our Welcome Return range, which provides customizable panel and screen systems for public areas and workplaces along with a range of complementary accessories.

Welcome Return modular panels can be used to refresh and uplift common areas such as lobbies, breakrooms, hallways and conference rooms. In addition to lighting and shelving, the versatile panels can accommodate backlit signage, graphic boards, or monitor screens displaying health messages.

Our screen systems can be tailored to suit a variety of situations in stores, offices, restaurants and many other spaces. Accessories include retractable tension barriers to organize traffic-flow, freestanding queue/line pylons with progression beacons, and a selection of wall or pylon-mounted sanitizing and mask/glove stations.

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The Welcome Return range includes:  

  • Modular Wall Panel System
  • Backlit Signage and Messaging
  • Freestanding Queue/Line Pylons
  • Protective Screen System
  • Retractable Tension Barriers
  • Sanitizing and Mask/Glove Stations

Designing for a welcome return: USA

At CDI World-USA we’ve been developing practical and stylish ways to help you welcome them back, making their return both safer and more reassuring. Find out how CDI World has been helping companies in the USA and across the globe with safety accessories.

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