WestRock: Combining Whimsical Style with Sustainability

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Spurred on by the award-winning Project Zen, CDI World’s design teams think outside the box (literally and metaphorically) to create an unforgettable space.

While Project Zen unlocked a wealth of opportunity via the potential to use recycled or recyclable materials, our most recent design for RICE (Retail Innovation Conference & Expo) capitalises on WestRock’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, exploiting the packaging company’s raison d’etre through the creation of a captivating, environmentally sound, trade show stand

The concept of creating an exhibition space from recycled and recyclable materials not only meets the client’s sustainability priorities, but it provides an opportunity to showcase the myriad design opportunities available when using corrugated and other paper-based materials.

Having worked with the packing solutions specialist, WestRock, for several years, CDI World USA have honed a specific look that defines the client’s branding activities. According to CDI World design partner, Ryan Hooper, the challenge in creating this design for RICE was to take this established, chiselled look and reiterate it using corrugated materials and cardboard where possible.

Together, the team elevated everyday packaging products to become visually extraordinary. Shipping tubes were transformed into tree trunks; corrugated material became a majestic tree canopy adorned with leaves and branches that were formed of recycled paper printed with tiny WestRock logos. While every aesthetic detail was considered to ensure maximum impact, there was no compromise on function: the lower branches of each tree served as shelves upon which merchandise could perch like birds.

So, what made this project possible?

According to Hooper, it’s all about trust. While many clients prefer to err on the side of caution, opting for tried and tested designs that deliver medium impact with low risk, thanks to the strong relationship that has been built between the CDI World and WestRock, the client trusted our design teams to do what they do best, while adding a touch of quirky creativity. “It’s not often that, from a design perspective, an exhibitor will let you take that more whimsical approach… but we have really gained WestRock’s trust over the years and having the opportunity to do something like this was so much fun for everybody”.

By combining outstanding design concept and optimal functionality, this playful design with a serious message created a truly memorable space that encapsulates the client’s ethos of innovation, functionality, and sustainability.

Never content to rest on the laurels of our previous successes, the CDI World design teams are on a continual quest to push design to the next level, delivering sustainable wow factor designed to meet our clients’ needs and capture their customers’ imaginations. If you want to find out more, get in touch.

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