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At CDI World UK our attention to detail combines with flexibility and experience, enabling us to achieve high standard exhibition build and installation in a variety of settings. 

From themed restaurants to luxury merchandising experiences, our exhibition stand builders in the UK, the US and Singapore have undertaken countless installations across the globe, transforming show rooms, trade show stands, restaurants and retail spaces to meet each clients’ vision while accommodating the practicalities of the space in question.  

For many clients, the build and installation of their space is the pinnacle of their experience with us; watching as something that started as abstract ideas takes shape, piece by piece, to form a spectacular and impactful space. A Parisian train in a department store; a beachside restaurant on a busy city street, every build is designed to delight and engage, without compromising on function. As such, our event and tradeshow build and installation services form a vital part of the design journey; regardless of the excellence of the design concept, if the exhibition stand builders fail to assimilate the vision, the final effect could be compromised. It is with confidence that our design teams and external agencies hand over their design concepts to our build and installation services, who possess the precision and agility to ensure that our clients’ visions are actualised into their exhibition space.  

At CDI World UK our extensive inventory of machines, which includes state of the art CNC technology, is complemented by a dedicated spray and finishing room. This allows our technicians to precisely recreate design components on a range of scales and achieve flawless effects. Meticulous logistics services mean that structures arrive on location in the most appropriate order to facilitate an efficient build, allowing our technicians get to work, assembling the components to make the vision a reality. 

Having worked with suppliers and clients around the world, the team at CDI World UK have partnered with some of the most respected agencies in Europe to produce spectacular design concepts that meet stringent specifications. Through this level of collaborative working, we have developed vast networks of contacts, which allow us to procure local resources and, should we need it, advanced technical support, and skilled person power from people that we know operate to our high standards.  

To facilitate smooth exhibition installation, where possible, the same team responsible for making design components will be responsible for build and installation so that they are cognisant of even the most subtle nuances of the design.  

Regardless of the irregularity of your space, our exhibition stand builders have the imagination, expertise and resources to bring your concepts to life. If you would like to know more about our build and installation services, please complete the enquiry form below; someone will be in touch shortly.  

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