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At CDI World USA we work with leading organizations to help them to bring their brand, product, or service to life.  

Whether we are showcasing the products of specialty retailers or creating attention-grabbing reception spaces for industry leaders, we optimize the assets available to us to produce truly memorable results.  

Our trans-border build and installation services mean that we can deliver outstanding booths to the largest trade shows in the world. You need the same booth, at the same time, in London and New York? No problem! Our lightweight modular systems allow our trade show booth builders to recreate a design in multiple locations, with minimal drayage and cross-border travel costs, without compromising on the quality or impact of the design. It’s a win-win: cost effective productions and cohesive, global branding delivered to your door.  

Regardless of the timescale of a project, the booth build process is the culmination of an in-depth collaboration between CDI World USA and a brand or agency. The build is the point at which your ideas come to life, taking on a solid form which does what you need it to do – and more.  

Your customers remain central to our processes at every stage of the project, from initial ideating to program logistics. To ensure that the concept is retained in its entirety, every step of the journey is carefully managed by a skilled project team. This not only retains the clarity of vision but ensures that build elements of the booth arrive on location in the correct order to enable the most efficient construction from our trade show booth builders.  

At CDI World USA we work with leading organizations across the globe to deliver unrivalled booth design and build services. We are skilled in constructing exhibition booths from traditional materials, such as wood. However, to reduce drayage as well as our impact on the environment, our booth builders are also adept at forming impactful booths utilizing stretched fabric, recycled materials, and aluminum frames. What’s more, by building booths using a series of cohesive module, we can make it easier for clients to reuse module for different events in the future.  

Our processes are made more streamlined through the use of a large workshop which is fully equipped with the latest technology as well as a separate spray and finishing suite. A large warehouse removes your problem of storage; our end-to-end service means that we deconstruct, wrap and safely store your booths until they are needed again, at which point we securely transport them to your desired location.  

We don’t just work with materials and locations: we work with people. We have developed a network of partners around the world that we can call upon for additional support and resources on more remote or challenging builds. Our booth builders are fully briefed on the project in hand so that they have a clear understanding of the vision that they will be creating, and they work closely with our design and project management teams as well as you, our client, to make sure that the design concept is realized.  

To find out more about our leading trade show building services, get in touch via the form below: someone will be in touch as soon as possible.  

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