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Creative problem solving is inevitable when it comes to complex structures, such as retail installations, office interiors, exhibition stands or museum display. By developing various innovative and intricate ways to approach this creative process, we ensure the best possible structural outcomes for our clients.  

We provide a bespoke and tailored service making CDI World a trusted and reliable partner. By using our inhouse expertise in the early stages of the engineering process, from concept creation all the way through to project delivery, ensures our clients can rely on us that nothing is missed at any stage.  

Our experienced engineering team analyse every project individually, and pinpoint areas that require specialist engineering and manufacturing. 

Whilst we can simulate components virtually by using CAD, it does not always have the same impact as real-world versions. Nothing can match how something performs in practice, like physical prototypes and full-size mock-ups for field testing.  

A vital part of structural installations, both permanent and temporary, is understanding how and each structure is to be used and how long it will need to be in place. By having value engineering a part of our process as standard, we ensure our clients receive the highest quality and value for their investment. 

There are many different ways to create a structure, and as such each engineering project is different. By taking the approach that structure is unique, we ensure each project is tailored to our clients’ needs.  

Having client relationships based on mutual trust is at the heart of everything that we do, and we believe that creating a fantastic partnership is hugely important and beneficial for everyone involved. 

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