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At CDI World USA, we have faced and overcome the full range of engineering challenges associated with exhibition booth design and construction. Our skilled exhibition engineering teams seamlessly integrate practical considerations into outstanding designs without compromising on design or visual impact.

The process of creating an exhibition booth involves a detailed collaboration between many parties starting with you, our client. Our design teams will work closely with you to gain an in depth understanding of your brand, product, or service, as well as your customers and what you hope to achieve from your booth. Once designs have been agreed upon, they are handed over to our exhibition engineering department, who will assess the design and apply industry knowledge and cutting-edge technology to create components which meet aesthetic expectations while adhering to practical needs and region-specific safety requirements.

Whilst it appears that every element of a booth concept is designed to accommodate the tastes and experience of the customer, our engineers take account of the practical perspectives of the project, including building, deconstructing, and storing impactful modular systems whilst accommodating weight, size and safety requirements. 

Utilizing CAD software allows for accurate simulation of components. However, in some cases it is necessary to create working prototypes to determine exactly how different components will interact with each other. In such instances, our exhibition engineering specialists create scaled prototypes or full-sized mockups which enable them to undertake field testing to ensure that every element of the design runs without a hitch. The use of high-end machinery, including CNC machinery, means our engineers are able to create these prototypes and replicate full-size components with high accuracy.

Whilst design and functionality are key, at CDI World USA, our teams also keep value and sustainability at the center of activities. Our exhibition engineers assess each part of a booth design to ensure that processes and materials provide optimal value and minimal environmental impact. This includes utilizing innovative solutions and lightweight materials to reduce drayage, without affecting the visual effect or functionality.

CDI World USA’s end to end capabilities mean that every element of your exhibition design is handled by our in-house teams. This streamlines the processes whilst also making sure that each team that plays a critical role in the project, from designers through to engineers and booth builders, understand and buy into the design concept.

Our services don’t stop when the event comes to an end. With careful planning from our engineering team, our booths are designed to be reused or repurposed. Our teams understand the value of your assets and carefully dismantle and package your modules before they are stored in our secure warehouse in a configuration that makes each element easy to access and transport when it is needed. This attention to detail not only preserves the condition of your modules but enables a streamlined build the next time they are required.

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