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Fabrication is an exceptionally creative process, and as an interior house and custom exhibit, we take an extreme amount of pride in our ability to manufacture one-off unique structures that will leave you feeling beyond satisfied. The techniques we use to create these next-level structures requires a mind filled with creativity and problem-solving abilities, because we don’t just create, we tailor our products and structures to your needs, and give a new twist to your general design.  

Whilst combining off-the-rack customer components in a fantastic and very cost-effective way, we can proceed to produce an incredibly wide range of prestigious and tailored booths for large international shows across the world. We do not however, just cater for larger projects, we also build structures for local and smaller-scale events. The possibilities at CDI World are infinite. Offering a host of designer showcases, interior fitouts for offices, restaurants and retail stores, whilst also providing hospitality suites and museum displays.  

Every project we work on and every client we work with has their own set of demands, but thankfully, due to our extensive knowledge and experience within the industry, our team here at CDI World can prepare for anything that is required. We have a promise and commitment to you that every single demand will be met with full confidence.  

We have fully equipped workshops with precision tools, which provide finishing touches to your structure to make it impress and shine in the best possible way. All of this remains a key part of our fabrication process.  

Different projects require different strategies, therefore if there was an unusual process, we would be sure to call upon our well-established network of speciality collaborators. These include robot welding, glass polisher, water-jet metal carvers, electronic specialists and many more. We are fully prepared and aware that every project is unique, so no matter how complex the process may be, we have you covered. 

The final step of the fabrication phase for a show booth or exhibit is to assemble all the components and carry out an informal shop-floor reveal. This is so that the client can see the finished structure and decide if they are happy or would like changes, a moment to make any final checks. 

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