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At CDI World USA we create unique structures that are designed to meet our clients’ expectations and wow their customers while achieving great value.

Whilst traditionally exhibit fabrication requires a completely new design and uniquely originated components, sometimes it pays to be economical. At CDI World USA, our teams are equally skilled at managing exhibit fabrication from scratch or repurposing existing resources and off the rack components which are then combined with custom parts for optimal impact.

Every element of the exhibit booth design and production process is carefully orchestrated by skilled project managers to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible, regardless of the timeline, complexity of the design brief, or practical and safety parameters. Our exhibit fabrication services are a vital part of this process, bringing a design from concept to reality whilst maintaining functionality.

Our teams have fabricated booths and interiors for a range of industry-leading clients and agencies. From attention-grabbing designer boutiques to opulent eateries and sleek office spaces, our teams discover what makes you, our client, unique and what makes your customers tick before setting to creating something memorable.  We understand the different requirements of a pop-up wine bar and a designer shoe store, an exhibit booth or a five-star reception area and our teams are adept at creating unique spaces that meet those diverse needs.

Unrivalled experience in exhibit fabrication is met to a host of state-of-the-art technology, including CAD software which allows for the creation of detailed simulations, and a selection of 3 and 5-axis CNC routers which, when operated by our skilled technicians, enable us to produce even the most complex components to a high level of accuracy. A designated finishing and spray room provides scope for custom finishing including lamination, spray painting, and a host of coatings which may be selected based on the design and functional requirements of a booth. The devil is in the detail and our capacity to reproduce intricate designs that still deliver on function sets CDI World USA exhibition booths above the rest.

Whilst we offer a comprehensive range of services and boast a huge array of skills, sometimes it pays to consult a specialist. Over the years, we have developed a network of collaborators and built relationships based on mutual respect and industry understanding. If a project requires niche skills, we reach out to this extensive network to ensure that we get the best in the business for our clients.

The final phase of exhibit fabrication is installation and snagging prior to launch. By factoring in time for an informal pre-launch, our clients have the opportunity to view the final impression and assess the results, making adjustments if required.

Whatever your space, your concept, and your product or service, CDI World USA is on hand to reveal it to your customers in a way that is designed to engage and inspire. To find out more about our exhibit fabrication services, get in touch.

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