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Achieving your vision 

Sometimes the challenge is not in visualising the destination, but understanding the processes needed to attain it. CDI World UK’s Account Service Managers are skilled in exhibition project management; they take the time to understand your vision, before determining the steps needed to help it to reach its full potential.   

Often, there is strength in numbers. At CDI World UK, we have worked with trailblazers across Europe to deliver memorable design projects. What’s more, with our counterparts in the United States and Singapore, we build cross-Atlantic partnerships, enabling us to bring designs across territories, reusing and adapting exhibitions to flawlessly recreate outstanding customer experiences around the world.   

The fine art of project management requires a unique blend of analytical skills and creativity.  The analytical mind identifies different permutations and combinations within a project lifecycle, whilst the creativity eye addresses them without impacting on overall delivery quality and timescales.  

At CDI World UK our Account Service Managers are the quintessential multitaskers, acting as the first communication point between each client or external agency and the moving parts within a project machine. As such, they possess an unrivalled breadth of knowledge, which allows them to communicate, collaborate and mediate effectively with every party linked to a project to ensure that every stage of our clients’ design process runs smoothly. One of the key skills that all our Account Service Managers possess is communication: they are the needle and thread that join together the elements of the build and installation journey to ensure that every team in the process is aware of anticipated and ongoing mutual challenges as well as resulting potential changes in phase completion times and amendments to requirements. Calling upon a perfect cocktail of skill and intuition, creativity and planning, these exhibition project management specialists facilitate the seamless, on-time, high-quality completion of an exhibition, restaurant, or retail workspace – every time.  

With ongoing mediation and communication, every part of the exhibition supply chain, from designers to carpenters, logistics teams to builders and installation specialists, are aware of the expectations placed upon them and their team members. Through this level of collaborative working and an ethos of mutual respect and efficiency, our teams maintain the outstanding standards that CDI World clients around the globe have come to expect. 

If you would like to discover more about CDI World UK’s exhibition project management services, please get in touch; someone will get back to you as soon as possible.  

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