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An impactful event or trade show booth doesn’t just involve outstanding designers, skilled carpenters, and experienced booth builders. To ensure that all elements of the event are covered, first-class project management services are needed.

CDI World USA’s project management teams have extensive skills and experience in coordinating events and booth builds around the globe. Their job is to develop a deep understanding and excellent working relationship with all moving parts within an event project, and make sure that every element of the process goes without a hitch.

At CDI World USA we recognize that in order to achieve world class results, we need to work with world class talents. As such, over the years we have world with global leaders in the creation and delivery of award-winning trade show and exhibition booths, pop up stores, and event structures.  Working alongside our counterparts in the United Kingdom and Singapore, these global relationships have strengthened, as has our capability to replicate unique event structures and booths around the world. This capability is made possible by our outstanding exhibition project management services.

Project management is both an art and a science. It requires an analytical mind to track a project from concept to final product, identifying and mitigating risks before they arise, and assessing the key elements required for success. The creativity comes in the form devising alternative routes that will lead to the same destination and understanding the vision so that the entire process is overseen with a keen eye. CDI World USA’s Account Service Managers boast creativity and an analytical mind, allowing them to deliver project management services worthy of our clients.

From bespoke interiors to memorable trade show and exhibition booths, your dedicated Account Service Manager will make sure that every element of your event runs like clockwork. Their understanding of you, your brand and your vision will span from design concept to delivery, and they will ensure that every element runs smoothly. Linking each separate component of the project together, your Account Service Manager will ensure that lines of communication remain clear, briefing parties on potential delays, and adjustments in requirements so that every team involved knows what is required of them, and when.

Thanks to in-depth knowledge and experience, our Account Service Managers are skilled at being flexible in order to meet your needs. You need a concession booth that meets strict guideline installed within a month? No problem. The booth exceeds expectations, so you want to extend its term and replicate it in another state or country? Your Account Service Manager has you covered. Whatever your needs, CDI World USA’s exhibition project management services are designed to remove the complexity, seamlessly facilitating each process and accommodating changing needs to help you to achieve success.

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