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CDI World Followers may recall that we welcomed Chad Bozarth to the team earlier this year. We were looking forward to seeing the wealth of experience and contacts that Chad would bring to CDI World, and we have not been disappointed so far; as his recent success with Dornier exceeded all expectations.

Melanie Musick, Event Project Manager at Doriner Medtech

In his interview with us in February, Chad said that he was excited about working with existing clients as well as seeking new opportunities from established connections. When skilled marketeer, Melanie Musick, rejoined Dornier – “her first love”- after 15 years working for other organizations, she knew that the only person she would trust with their two big events would be Chad. The organization undertook due diligence and soon learned that CDI World USA met or exceeded their requirements in terms of sustainability, operation model and versatility.

So, what makes CDI World so special? According to Melanie, it is all about presence and precision. “Chad was always on site with us, no matter how long it takes to get set up. Supported by the team, Nickoli, Rachel and Ryan, in preparation for the show, Chad knows our products, people and expectations and no matter what happens, even when there are delays that are not his fault or the team’s, he stays with us until the booth is right – sometimes into the night!”

Modular Booths

While many organizations are just learning about the benefits of modular booths, Melanie and the Dornier team are no strangers to the money and waste-saving concept, having utilized modular systems for the last decades. The modular nature of the system lends itself to the ever-moving healthcare industry and allows organizations to invest in high-quality booths that will accommodate changes in needs and product specifications, as well as tailored capabilities, such as integrated demo areas.

Another advantage of modular is that, occasionally, you may start the construction process and realize that something doesn’t quite work. With a regular booth, there is little that can be done to address last minute changes, but modular booths give much more flexibility, as Melanie discovered at AORN: “…we got to the show, and it was set up one particular way – I came in and looked at it and realized it wouldn’t work. On the fly, we were able to make small changes quickly to the overall design because of its modularity. Without a modular booth, I wouldn’t have had the luxury of doing that.”

What has changed significantly is the level of choice available in modular booths. Where ten years ago modular systems featured graphics printed on card and some fabric in the upper portions of the booth construction, the range of materials and the graphics quality has vastly improved.

The two-convention challenge

AUA and AORN required different size booths, with AUA occupying a 50×30 booth and AORN a 30×30 booth. The design team created a 50×30 booth ensuring flexibility of custom elements being used at both shows, while incorporating rented components for each events varying needs.

This included replacing the hanging video animation, which was impactful from a distance but lost its effect from close range, with an integrated video wall. There were multiple benefits to this: not only was it more impactful from all distances, but the video wall construction could be included in the booth setup, which meant that the team wasn’t waiting on installation of a hanging video by disparate labor teams before they could start the main booth construction. The removal of this bottleneck meant that setup was much easier, which is particularly important when some equipment needs to be forklifted in before having a stage built around it.

A collaborative approach

As always, when working on a tradeshow design with CDI world, it is a collaborative process. Chad Melanie and her team at Dornier had spent considerable time brainstorming so that they could devise a clear idea of how best they could highlight specific products. Chad and team took a rough sketch and brought the vision to life, making sure that function and form perfectly balanced and ensuring that the booth could be used with impact at both shows.  During the production process, Chad and Nickoli left nothing to chance, taking the time to visit Dornier’s facility with partially constructed staging to ensure that it would fit around specific equipment.

The result for both shows were testimony to the high standards of design and the versatility of modular systems, as well as Chad and Nickoli’s incredible skills. And the design’s success reaches far beyond the success of two events as the Dornier team intend to use them for at least the next five years, complementing their own white-powder-coated bespoke design with rented sections to allow for optimal economy, sustainability, and versatility.

Punching with the big boys

Nothing testifies to a tradeshow’s success more than footfall and new opportunities, and this show had high footfall and excellent feedback from clients, employees and management. Perhaps the biggest compliment was from a group of doctors who commented that Dornier had presented at the shows as big players in the urology market, providing tough competition for the more established organizations who, despite their big budgets, couldn’t compete with CDI World’s booth design and construction.

As the doors close on another year’s major exhibits for Dornier, at CDI World, we can’t wait to see how they adapt the structure for next year’s shows.

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