Bringing Army of the Dead to Life


At CDI World UK we are proud of our team members who are truly passionate about their jobs and getting it just right, every time. Self-confessed perfectionist, Jodie, talks about how she loves the artistry and variety of her job, and tells us about her personal favourite: Army of the Dead.

The Army of the Dead project was a challenge that Jodie and her team embraced with gusto. CDI World was approached by an agency who wanted us to create a set for an Augmented Reality experience which was to be constructed within a shopping centre. Augmented Reality (AR) refers to an experience that can be controlled in the real world, allowing users to navigate through a virtual experience, either via a smartphone or headset, whilst physically moving in real life. AR experiences come with a host of challenges, not least because the physical set has to be millimetre perfect to the virtual world, or users will not be able to walk through it safely. In this case, the scene was to be an exact replica of a scene in the film.

What made this Jodie’s favourite project? Aside from the challenge of achieving a great finish and absolute precision, Jodie loved having the chance to flex her creative muscles through the use of a host of different effects. Jodie is a natural at spraying and relished a challenge as she and her team pushed themselves to achieve life-like rust effects, and a range of other textures which were crucial in bringing the set to life.

“I was spraying massive trucks made out of MDF, but they actually looked like trucks after they had done them. I was doing the rust effects, the crackle glaze and all that kind of stuff… I did really enjoy that and then seeing the end product as well, it looked amazing.”

Great job satisfaction is just one by product of our work, which aims to bring outstanding experiences to our clients, and their customers. We look forward to seeing more outstanding work from Jodie and the team in the future.

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