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We had the idea for the Virtually Challenged video when we were thinking how best to tell people about CDI World’s new Virtual Trade Show Service

It could have been a typical straight-faced corporate production but in current circumstances we felt people could use a little more fun in their lives. We decided on a mini comedy drama with a serious message.

The backstory features an imaginary toy company whose boss has just made an important decision. The actors are (mostly) members of the CDI World team who all had to pass a grueling Zoom audition.      

So what about that serious message? Many businesses who have been forced to cut their physical event and show programs are wrestling with the prospect of going virtual – and it’s not an easy step to take. 

The market is full of costly virtual offerings which range from crude imitations of real show booths to digital stacks of impenetrable menus. “It is the Wild West out there!” as one of our video characters claims. 

Our Virtual Trade Show Service taps into CDI World’s vast experience in the events industry, helping you cut through all the hype and confusion to ensure you get a fully customized virtual program that works.

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