Build and Installation

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No matter how well-planned, installation on site requires large reserves of flexibility and determination, plus a good measure of experience. In the trade show and exhibitions sector, for example, being prepared for the unexpected is essential.

Having completed hundreds of installations worldwide in a huge variety of venues, there are few challenges that our teams haven’t encountered. These can include severely restricted access, inadequate power supplies and even incorrect site maps. Thankfully, the ability to overcome such issues and stay cool under pressure, is part of CDI World DNA.

Our international experience has allowed us to build relationships with trusted suppliers and services across the world. This means we can call upon additional locally-based resources when necessary to provide extra technical support or manpower under our direction. The show must always go on.

For interior projects and fit-outs, we apply a similar blend of calm and competence to overcome any unexpected factors. Whenever possible we employ the same skilled carpenters who fabricated the main components to fit them on-site, helping to maintain continuity.  

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