Excellence in the making

As a custom exhibit and interiors house, we take pride in our ability to manufacture one-of-a-kind structures. But this is also the age of the hack, where standard items can be given a fresh twist. So we are equally adept at producing hybrids which combine custom with off-the-rack components to stunning and cost-effective effect.

From prestigious booths for large international shows to portable pop-ups for smaller-scale local events; from designer showcases to interior fit-outs for offices, retail stores and restaurants; from museum displays to hospitality suites – every project has its own set of demands. And our crack teams of master carpenters can meet those demands with confidence.

Our extensive workshops are equipped with precision tools such as CNC routers, which can cut a wide selection of materials with great accuracy, along with laminator presses and spray booths to apply a vast range of coatings to meet or enhance the design intent. It’s often the finishing touches that impress the most.               

Where a project calls for an unusual process or component, we can call upon our well-established network of specialty collaborators. These include water-jet metal carvers, experts in robotic welding, glass polishers, electronics specialists and many others.

In the case of a show booth or exhibit, the last step in the fabrication phase is to assemble all the components and carry out an informal shop-floor-reveal. This allows the client to make final checks and assess the impact of the completed structure.   

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