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At CDI World UK, we enable our clients to create a space that stands out for all the right reasons.   

Working closely with each client, our design teams apply innovative design processes to create an engaging, immersive, and unique customer experience. From large atria and destination dining to bespoke trade show spaces, our design teams are equally adept at fine-tuning client briefs, transposing previous success to different workspaces, or creating brand new designs that meet – or exceed- our client’s needs. 

In the world of workspace and exhibition stand design, the design itself is just one part of many elements which, when combined, exceed the sum of their parts. It is this awareness of the design journey that enables us to create exceptional spaces designed to tell your story.  

Design is about relationships: developing a deep understanding that enables communication on a level that transcends the verbal. The first step in the design journey is, therefore, getting to know the client. At CDI World UK, our design team members’ first job is to actively listen to you and your team; asking questions that will enable us to gain a profound understanding of not just your organisation, but your industry, target audience and, finally, the space that we will be transforming. Once we have gained a better understanding of your ethos, audience, and goals, we go a step further, getting down with the industry “locals” and immersing ourselves in the brand and the broader market to develop a deep insight from a range of perspectives.  

With industry and design needs fully assimilated, we embark together on the next phase of the design journey, as we put together a comprehensive Design Plan that showcases our ideas. This Plan is then shared with you and a healthy dialogue ensues, wherein we test and retest our ideas and reaffirm yours to ensure that our frameworks are aligned with your vision.   

With a solid conceptual framework created, we start adding details, fine-tuning the design, and creating detailed virtual representations of the final space.  This final digital iteration often takes the form of walk-throughs or flythroughs, so that you and your team can experience the proposed event or exhibition stand design as your customers will see it before you give final approval. 

Once approved, these digital images become the reference point for all parties working on the project to ensure that the vision remains in focus, with no small detail overlooked. Engineering and workshop drawings are created, providing precise information on every element of the production process and, like a 1000-piece puzzle, the space starts to take shape.  

Our expertise means that we don’t only produce memorable trade show and exhibition stand designs, event structures and museum displays, but we can make them cost-effective and reusable, helping you to achieve maximum impact for your investment.  

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