When a plan comes together

At CDI World, design is the front end of a collaborative, creative journey. We’re equally happy to develop projects from first concept or to realize an existing design produced by a client or their appointed design consultancy.

Whatever our starting point, we take time to build good working relationships with the individuals in our client companies. We listen hard, seek clarity and absorb as much as possible about their project goals, marketplace and target customers.

If design is within our brief, our design team will then go digging, undertaking further research and brand analysis, collecting visual references and getting properly “muddy” with the material.

Next, we’ll present a vivid, creative Design Plan, showcasing our conceptual approach. Bouncing this off our client collaborators, a healthy back-and-forth ensues. In this way, we ensure our interpretation is in full accord with their vision.

Digital construction now begins in three dimensions. We adjust, readjust and hone the design, then render the “pretty pictures,” as we call them, in photorealistic detail, often as walk-throughs or fly-throughs for client approval.

Once endorsed, these images become a reference point for anyone working on the project, keeping the vision on-track. Detailed engineering and workshop drawings soon follow, covering every aspect of production.

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