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At CDI World Singapore, our design teams are renowned for their innovation and precision.  

Like a mighty tree, each design starts with a seed; the start of an idea that a skilled team will bring to fruition. A good design will attract the audience’s attention. An outstanding design will mesmerise the beholder, entice them to take a closer look, and remain in their memories. At CDI World Singapore, our designers are skilled at producing truly outstanding exhibition stand designs which are designed to turn heads and captivate your target audience’s imagination.  

The interior, exterior and exhibition stand design processes all begin with a series of conversations and collaborations, testing and retesting ideas in order to ensure that the final concept will deliver in terms of brand identity, purpose, and longevity. The process begins with getting to know you a little bit better. Our design teams work in close partnership with clients, other agencies, and suppliers to get a deep understanding of the brief, including the aims and practicalities of each event and activity, to make sure that they can create a design that has optimal impact. Our designers don’t just want to know what makes you tick, but what makes your audience tick. They take the time to understand not just what you want, or need, to achieve from the event in question, but your aspirations for the future. Only by plunging ourselves into your industry and understanding your goals can we gain a brand fluency that will enable us to help you achieve – or exceed- your aspirations.   

Once we have a deep understanding of what you want to achieve, the design process can begin. Our teams will come up with a range of concepts, which they will present to you for approval, critique, and discussion, after which the final design concept will start to take form. From here, the design will go back and forth between you, the client, the design team, and any other relevant agencies to ensure that every element of the design meets your approval.  

Once we have the skeleton of a concept in place, we can start having fun with the details, adding flesh to the conceptual bones as we the full picture emerges. A digital prototype will allow you to see how the proposed design will interact with its space, and the experience that it will offer your clients; by allowing you to see the final product in such detail, you have full clarity before signing off on the final proposal.    

From creating showstopping building facades to meticulously transforming nightclub booths or styling an exhibition within a national monument every job, regardless of its scale and time constraints, receives our outstanding levels of attention to detail and industry understanding, so that we can ensure our designs have the right impact. 

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