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Designing a great trade show space is just the beginning; logistics for events can often pose a challenge for even the most experienced exhibitors.  

At CDI World UK, we provide a range of bespoke logistics services for events and trade shows. We facilitate the smooth transportation and installation of trade show exhibitions, freeing our clients from worrying about logistics for events so that they can concentrate on what they do best. We have experience of working with a range of high-profile clients, making us perfectly placed to seamlessly coordinate often complex installations and transportations that involve border crossings and long distances.  

Calling upon extensive experience collaborating with clients across the world, our teams agilely adapt to the changing safety and public health requirements of different territories, some of which are initiated with minimal notice. From red tape and security risks to floods and power cuts, there are few logistical challenges that our teams have not surmounted with complete professionalism. It Is due to this flexibility and efficiency that CDI World UK’s logistics teams are valued not only by us and our clients, but leading external agencies in the UK and beyond.  

Whilst for some exhibitors, logistics are a mere afterthought, at CDI World, functionality and build activities are factored into the earliest stages of the build process and considered throughout to ensure the best results in terms of both form and function.  

From initial build to customer interaction, our considerable experience allows us to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible. This could be as simple as packing components for transport in the order that they will be used, or as complex as tailoring designs to meet restrictive location dimensions or accessibility. Where possible, the same teams that are responsible for building a trade show exhibition will be involved in its logistics and building so that potential challenges are identified during the earlier design stages. 

Sustainability is a priority for each of the three CDI World companies and as such, at CDI World UK we strive to minimise environmental impact whilst ensuring optimal value for money for our clients. Our logistics for exhibitions extends beyond one event; we clean and undertake repair and maintenance procedures after exhibit takedown before securely storing it until it is next required, at which point we repack and ship the sets to the desired location. Although our storage and shipping service was initially introduced to service the needs of global clients, it has proved a valuable resource to businesses of all size who attend smaller, local events, and enjoy the convenience of ordering their show kit online via our easy-to-use Portables portal.  

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t end when an exhibition’s lifecycle comes to an end. For one-off builds or builds that can no longer be repaired to a high standard, our logistics services include recycling either internally or in partnership with local organisations, who redeploy products for community benefit.  

By taking on the end-to-end process of build and logistics, CDI World UK can take the headache out of exhibitions, leaving you to focus on your goals. For more information about how we can help you, get in touch.  

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