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Logistics for events play a critical role in the implementation of a design, seamlessly pulling together each team involved for maximum impact.  

At CDI World Singapore, our logistics teams are skilled at working with a range of clients, agencies and suppliers. We call upon extensive experience and outstanding relationships with global partners to deliver outstanding design and installation services around the world.  

Just as each client and location will have its own specific requirements, different types of events have particular needs associated with them. For trade shows and pop-up events, time may be of the essence, or the priority may be ease of installation and deconstruction. For interiors, rapid turnarounds may be less important, but the emphasis will be placed on longevity and durability. For every event that CDI World designs and coordinates, we consider the most salient practical factors to ensure that the design achieves the desired effect and delivers on functionality, without compromising on design.  

Originally established in Singapore, CDI World now has bases in the UK and the USA. This global reach allows us to provide comprehensive logistics services to clients around the world, smoothly transitioning from one location to the next without impacting in the style or quality of service delivery. By offering our world-leading clients comprehensive services which span industries as well as locations, we ensure that all of their logistics are covered, leaving clients to focus on their priority areas.  

With their extensive experience, our logistics teams adjust protocols to meet the needs of different regions and industries, ensuring that components are safely and compliantly transported whilst meeting various safety and customs demands. The key to smooth logistics is to expect the unexpected, and plan accordingly. Our logistics teams identify the potential risks and limiting factors for each installation, regardless of its size or complexity. From a lack of power points to building access, tough border crossings to assessing flood risks, our teams have predicted, and faced most challenges and, thanks to prior planning and considerable experience, have overcome them with ease.  

Logistics aren’t just something we do because we have to; it’s in our DNA. Our teams prepare, plan and execute every element of your interior design, exhibition stand or event with absolute professionalism.   

Minimal fuss, minimal waste and maximum efficiency are at the core of all our service offerings. For temporary designs, such as exhibitions, events and tradeshows, our logistics extend beyond installation, and will continue for the entire lifespan of the resources. This means that once the event has ended, we deconstruct, clean, repair and safely pack stand components, ready to be securely stored until they are next needed.  

If you would like to find out more about how our logistics for events and interiors can help to ensure that every design is implemented accurately and efficiently, get in touch.  


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